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Voice, Data & Video Cabling Installations

Whether it is a small office of just a few users, to a multi-floor, multi-building campus style installation, Connectivity Solutions has the expertise to design, install and implement a scalable, turnkey structured cabling solution to exceed the demands of todays critical cabling solutions. With communication networks being the backbone of any business, your structured cabling system must not only meet, but exceed all the standards. It will in turn, reduce downtime, resulting in increased employee productivity and a positive return on your investment. Contact us anytime to discuss your needs and let us tailor a solution to fit your business.

Fiber Optic Cabling Installations

From backbone fiber cabling between IT closets, between floors, from building to building, or fiber to desktop applications, Connectivity Solutions provides our valued customers with top of the line products and installation multimode or singlemode solutions.

Infrastructure Audits

When you have lost track of your structured cabling resources, and need to know what goes where and what is available, Connectivity Solutions can provide you with a complete audit service to your system. Let our trained service technicians assess the full scope of your structured cabling assets, and provide recommendations for an action plan. We will then provide full documentation and remove un-needed patching and cross-connects freeing up valuable switch ports and real estate space. Upon completion a new full documentation package will be provided.

Cabling Removal

A service geared towards the building superintendent and IT managers who have space that has seen numerous clients and changes over time. When spaces are revamped to suit the requirements of the business, new cabling systems are usually installed. The old cable system are abandoned and not removed. This practice leaves confusion for the IT professional, not to mention the un-needed build-up of clutter and weight on ceilings and conduit infrastructures. Connectivity Solutions technical staff can assess what cables are redundant and safely remove them, leaving behind a cleaner, more manageable communications system.

Technical Outsourcing

We provide short and long-term outsourcing of our valued technical representatives into your facility to augment the capabilities of your IT staff. Connectivity Solutions can be your intelligent screwdriver working in conjunction with your IT department to handle equipment and service moves, personnel moves, everyday cabling moves, adds and changes as well as general infrastructure maintenance which will free up the valuable time of your IT staff to do what they do best.

Data Center Build Outs

Connectivity Solutions has developed an expertise for performing Data Center Build Outs. These complex systems are the life line to a corporation and are time critical. Complete installation of rack hardware, cable management systems, cable support systems, as well as all data cabinet cabling links, both copper and fiber optic are of the highest quality to support your mission critical network components. Time is of the essence for the go live dates on these systems. Speak to your Connectivity Solutions representative to discuss options to reduce your build out timelines.

Project Management

Connectivity Solutions understand the key to any successful installation or conversion is understanding the deliverables, expectation and managing the changes along the process.
The Connectivity Solutions Project Management Team has experience in all types of telecommunications projects, such as:
  • National Accounts (Rollouts or Move, Add or Change initiatives)
  • Telecommunications audits
  • Design and reconfiguration of existing equipment
  • Site survey
  • Cable documentation and audit
  • Project Planning and coordination
  • Equipment removal and wiring removal
Let the Connectivity Solutions Team assist your team in planning and implementing a successful project.

Design & Engineering

Connectivity Solutions provides a suite of consulting, planning and design services for your voice, data and video networks. From existing cabling infrastructures to new construction projects, Connectivity Solutions experienced staff will work with you to align your business objectives with your network strategy.

Service Highlights

  • Site surveys
  • Network readiness assessments
  • Capacity plans
  • AV Designs
  • Network cabling design
  • Wireless network design
  • CAD documentation